A leaflet has been completed to assist engineers and electricians with their requirements to upgrade lighting fittings from fluorescent to energy saving LED.

Aether Retro-Fit offers replacement gear trays for any type of lighting within a prison. The savings that can be achieved are very significant and the simplicity with which a project can be completed is encouraging more and more prisons to contact Aether for their requirements.

The majority of gear trays are able to be fitted without the need for new wiring within the lighting unit.

The leaflet can be downloaded from the Aether website.


Aether have released a new catalogue showing an enlarged range together with other new offerings.

The catalogue is provided within a sleeve which also contains details of our Retro-Fit range of LED gear trays. We already have LED replacements available for a significant number of manufactures fittings that you may have installed that need that all important energy saving upgrade to LED.

If we don’t already have your requirement immediately available we will be happy to design and manufacture exactly what you do need.

Also in the sleeve our One2See LED Traffic Sign and Bollard catalogue which includes internally lit Road signs, Double Sided signs, Bridge Height signs, Solar signs and Central Management Systems.

We have also introduced our MADE2SPEC portfolio. This facility puts our full manufacturing facility at your disposal enabling us to manufacture bespoke fittings to your specification.

New catalogues are available upon request.


An installation of LED recessed VARBERGs was recently completed in Horsham. The North Street subway linking the Leisure Centre and park with the Railway Station had for some while been in need of refurbishment and upgrading from fluorescent to LED lighting.

Aether were asked to provide VARBERGs from their Endurance range because not only do they offer a higher IK rating compared to the existing units but have also been designed to fit neatly into the hole that is left when the previous fittings have been removed. The customer utilises the Mayflower control system within their district to feedback information to a central location and Mayflower sensors were provided within the fittings.


Aether Lighting have recently completed a project to provide vandal & weather resistant Tabor fittings to light a number of subways and stairways in a particularly vulnerable area of a London borough.

A total of 43 LED Tabor fittings & 16 dummy body units were supplied to provide strong, maintenance free, energy saving lighting for many, many years to come.


We have recently introduced VARBERG to the growing band of exceptionally strong, vandal and weather resistant fittings within our Endurance range.

Not only designed for new installations and projects VARBERG also neatly fits into the recess that would be left following the removal of either, Bego, Bergen or Victor units.

The standard colour is black but, as with all of our products, other colours are readily available.

Should you have a preference for simply replacing existing fluorescent gear trays we are always happy to offer quotations and supply our usual top quality LED versions to suit your exact requirements.



A number of customers have recently called upon the services of Aether to re-design and manufacture various gear trays where the fittings have failed or where previously inefficient fluorescent or discharge lamps were being used.

The replacement high quality LED versions have resulted in significant energy savings as well as improved light output and spread. Aether are able to provide solutions for all makes & manufacturers fittings.